C. S. Johnson

Searching (A Prequel to the Starlight Chronicles)

Coming New Year's Eve 2017!

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Who was Starry Knight before she met Hamilton?

Who were her friends, how did she get the Bow of Righteousness,

and how did the fabric of Time fall into her possession?


She was a lonely, gifted girl who was born to fight demons -- starting with her own.


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walking the line between overlapping worlds


I write realistic fairy tales. Just not Grimm Fairy Tales.

I really love [Johnson’s] work! And she is totally not paying me to say that!
— Facebook Friend

Very similar to the other C.S. we know and love!
— Kindle Customer, Amazon Review

A fun writer, with an authentic voice!
— Random Tweeter


Fun, epic, and just plain awesome -- yet still speaking truth to life. 

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Here's a free copy of "Beauty's Curse," Part I of my Once Upon a Princess series, a historical fantasy retelling of Sleeping Beauty! 


Of course true love exists in the future. Technology has just made it worse.

C. S. Johnson is my favorite author!
— My Mom

A dynamic, flexible writer!
— Mr. Nsbugha, CEO of W Publishers

The world that “Mrs. Johnson” built is marvelously complex with living stars, superheroes, changling dragons, demons, monsters, and more.
— David from Radiqx Book Reviews


...Hamilton’s inner progress toward heroism feels touchingly genuine, and there are plenty of good comic moments to keep the story moving.
Percy Jackson fans will eagerly await the next volume in the series ... A fast-paced, effective teen-paranormal outing.
— Kirkus Reviews, "Slumbering," Book 1 of The Starlight Chronicles
...a stunning fantasy story ... thrilling, and is sure to keep the reader on the edge of their seat, wanting to know more.
— Readers Favorite, "Beauty's Curse" (5 Star Review)
With themes of obedience, duty, revenge, forgiveness, love and redemption running throughout, “The Heights of Perdition” took me on a roller coaster ride and left me eager for the second book in the series.
— Readers Favorite, "The Heights of Perdition" (5 Star Review)