I'm Waiting

I can tell I grew up in the age of the Internet. 

I keep waiting for things to happen, even as they are happening, and I get frustrated. I know that quicker is not always better, and I know that rushing things is never ideal. I just hate waiting. 

I don't think I have any profound thoughts on the matter, or at least, any new sort of profound thoughts on the matter. Waiting is something that I will have to keep working at handling better, and that's really the practical side of my inner argument. 

The basics of waiting I've learned over the years, summed up: 

1. You can be passive and still be active, just as you can be active and still be passive (like when I am texting while I am on a treadmill). 

2. Waiting develops patience, and patience is a virtue (unless you're trying to bring down an ancient Egyptian mummy who is after you.) 

3. There are appointed times for all things, even in Heaven. So waiting is a godly mandate. 

4. Waiting can be a gift. Use the time to reflect, express your gratitude, adjust your perspective, expand your awareness, etc. Don't just focus on your frustration. 

5. There's always something to do, so do what you can, when you can. It might have absolutely nothing to do with why you're frustrated, but there are still things to do. 


Samuel Johnson once said that people don't need to be taught so often as they need to be reminded. As I wait, I'm going to try to remind myself of some of these lessons. I'm open to others if you have suggestions!