In a world where engaging in social media is equivalent to screaming with your face in the ocean, I love hearing from my readers. Especially more so, if they have something good to tell me.

This is the best way to contact me if you're a writer on his or her own journey, if you'd like a signed copy of my work (prices vary according to order, with consideration for book, format, and time preferences), speaking opportunities, or if you have any other requests (prayer included.)    

Like any person, I want to know if my work is making a difference in your life, and how, and how we can work together to help others. 

Hope to hear from you soon!  

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UPDATED TERMS, 3/15/19: For solicitors who ignore my polite request, there will be an $85 US fee for the time it takes for me to read and discard your emails; you can expect an invoice to be sent to your email upon my browsing. By clicking the “Submit” button here or sending me an email offering services to my listed public address, you agree to pay me and agree to abide by the rest of these terms. A failure to read or understanding them does not exempt you from this policy. If you want to solicit and you can afford it, I will respond after payment is received.