Favan & Flew

In 1880s Victorian London, a magic portal bleeds rainbow-colored magic into the sky. With the alt-historical fun of steampunk veneer, complicated relationships, and meaningful adventures, plenty of trouble abounds for magic wielders like Brixton Flew and Adelaide Favan.



A Chinese Legend. A British Secret. Star-crossed Lovers with Incompatible Magic.

Brixton Flew works as a professor of wielder instruction at Rembrandt Academy, hoping to erase the regrets of his youth along with the resulting debt. But when he comes face to face with his biggest regret—the woman who broke his heart, Adelaide Favan—Brixton soon realizes his troubles have only begun.

Unable to control her magic, Adelaide knew leaving Brixton was the only way to protect him when they were younger. Now she discovers he is the key to recovering the Dragon Eyes, a legendary treasure connected to her magic and her family's disgraced legacy—and she knows the risk is great, to both his life and her heart. With others seeking the power of the Dragon Eyes, Brixton and Adelaide must outwit their foes and face down their families to save London from an ancient legend that sleeps beneath the magic portal in their city.But the renewed passion growing between them may prove to be the greater peril ...