If survival is all that matters, does truth still make a difference? 

Aerie St. Cloud has grown up in the United Revolutionary States, the remains of North America after the fallout from the last world war. She eagerly anticipates the day she will join the Military Academy at New Hope, which will also earn her the acceptance and respect from her family unit. But when she is accidentally captured by Captain Chainsword, the fearsome space pirate who lives aboard the Perdition, Aerie finds herself drawn to him - and the world that he represents, along with the truth that changes everything. 

Driven by vengeance, Exton Shepherd never set out to save anyone. For the past six years, he has chosen exile in space, biding his time, watching as disaster looms on the horizon and his father's ghost lurks around every corner of the Perdition. When his latest strike against the URS uproots Aerie from her world and plops her into his, Exton finds he cannot trust her, anymore than he can ignore her. But just like the war raging around the world beneath him, he's more than tempted to ... 

When the war ascends to the heights of the Perdition, Aerie's loyalty, and Exton's heart, are put to the test. But will love be enough to save them - and others - from certain destruction? Can their love be the difference in a world torn apart by power, greed, and mistrust? 


I dare you to just look at the covers and try not to think about who dies.