Once Upon A Princess Saga 

A Four-Part Novella Saga Retelling of Sleeping Beauty


Life is unfair, even for princesses. 

For Princess Aurora, better known as Rose to her friends, she well knows the helplessness which comes from unfair circumstances. Born as the princess and heir-apparent of Rhone, she was cursed as a child by the wicked ruler of the fairies, Magdalina. Under her curse, Rose is destined to prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and die on her eighteenth birthday. 

But Rose is not willing to take this lying down. After training as a knight, she sets out across various lands to find a way to break her curse. Along with her are her friends, Theo, an orphan who grew up in the church but wants revenge against those who killed his family; Mary, a young and gifted fairy who has watched over Rose her entire life; and Sophia and Ethan, siblings with a troubled past. 

On the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Rose is summoned home by her father, King Stefanos, who leaves Rose with only two, equally unsatisfying options: Marry, or abdicate the throne. 

Ultimately, this saga is a retelling of the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, one in which Rose is not only aware of her curse, but choices are made and secrets are kept to protect the throne. 


Dire Wolf Books

The Once Upon a Princess saga is published courtesy of Dire Wolf Books, a publishing house known for its high-quality adventures in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, and fairy tales.